What's Involved

Every business benefits from secret shopping, but not everyone needs it on a regular basis. Now, instantSecretShops puts you in control. You choose how many shops, at which locations and when, and instantSecretShops will do the rest.

Shops will be published to over 400,000 registered agents. The scheduling and editing will be taken care of and you’ll get clear, actionable reports with Industry Benchmark
data, emailed directly to you until your campaign is complete.

How does it work? It’s simple: Click “Get Started” and follow five easy steps:
  1. Complete your Business Profile
  2. Enter the Location(s) to be shopped
  3. Select your Industry and Shop Form
  4. Confirm the Details
  5. Complete the Purchase via PayPal
instantSecretShops uses premade forms, specific to your industry, that measure everything you need to know about your brand and your team.

If you need custom work (unique forms, scenarios, specific demographics, etc), or if you don’t see your industry listed, Click Here and tell us how we can help.